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What would the world be like if we were able to be who we truly  BE, wild & free?

What if YOU didn't feel the constraints of judgment?

What if you stepped into the BIGNESS of who you BE?

What if you felt limitless & powerful beyond measure?

How would your life be different?  

Maybe you are wondering...How does it get any better than this?®


Hi, I'm Sarah!  I'm a Certified Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist , Body Whisperer & Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner.

I'm offering you the opportunity to embrace your BE-ing-ness, ACCESS MORE possibilities, more awareness & more fulfillment in life.  

If you are here looking for answers, you may be disappointed, all I've got is a whole lot of questions!   You see I'm an "Inquisitive Creator."  By living in the question, I don't have to worry "how" I'm going to get to where I want to be.  

But do you get anywhere? How do you set goals? How do you know everything is going to work out the way you want?

You have to have faith & trust in yourself.  The Universe has your back.  It's just waiting for you to decide, waiting for you to ask, waiting for you to open up to receive, and waiting for you to realize how infinitely awesome you BE!  

You are NOT small, weak, broken & limited...even if that's how you feel.  Believe me.  I know.  I've been there.   Here's my personal story if you want to know more..  >> Becoming the Butterfly.

 Your Life Unlimited


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Ahhh.. the Subtle Art of BEING you

•What would it take... to BE more mindful?

•To access more clarity & awareness?

•To embrace your youthful inquisitiveness?

•To access more self-esteem, self-worth & confidence?

•To BE more open to receiving wealth & health?

•To have deeper, more rewarding relationships?

•To live in communion with your body?

•To BE energized & vibrant?

•To consciously create your life?

•What would it take for you to step into your BIGNESS & OWN how you truly BE?

•What would your life look like & how'd you BE?

•Wanna find out?

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Feel the Love

I am committed to helping you grow & Access More awareness & unlock your limitless potential in ways you never thought possible.  The work we do together opens you up to deeply healing experiences that shift you into more fulfilling states of being, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life. 

Curious to see what might be in store for you?


Free Your Body 


What if I told you there was more to healing than what we've traditionally taught?

  • What if we were able to access more than just "relaxation"?

  • What if your aches & pains weren't about age?

  • What if there was a whole other way to BE?

  • Let's move BEYOND our beliefs about how we feel in our bodies!

  • Let's move BEYOND what we believe to be possible!

  • Let's move BEYOND bodywork & ACCESS more!  Curious? 

Come play with me "The Buffalo Body Whisperer"!? 



My work (and, this site) is dedicated to facilitating change, growing our awareness & opening up to receiving the infinite possibilities life has to offer.   We have been dealt difficult situations and allowed them to determine how we feel about life.  We have all know what it feels like to struggle, but what if approaching life as though we have a problem is just an interesting point of view?  What if we don't need a solution, but a greater awareness and knowing of who we are.   I know a way to DROP the struggle, the second-guessing, the feeling like you aren't enough and start living with intention.  Creating and enjoying more moments feeling fulfilled, confident, creative, youthful, respected, happy & loved.  Everything you need is right there inside of you.  All you may need is a little shift, a little guidance, love & support to help you uplevel your life.  It's in these little shifts the BIGGEST change occurs.  If you are open and ready become who you really are, then you are in the right place!