Welcome to the be|BLOGCAST! Tackling loneliness - episode|ONE


Oh Hey….

Welcome to the very FIRST ever be|BLOGCAST!! Yes, indeed this is a hybrid blog post & podcast! A portion of this is written here with an accompanied audio via soundcloud.

So let me break this down for ya. I’m Sarah Stabler (Hi, nice to meet ya!) I’m a holistic health & lifestyle mentor/coach and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am all about being|EMPOWERED. I’m about owning 100% responsibility for how you react or respond to life ( for me -> this gives me immense freedom and feeds my potency, power & presence. #powerpixie). My approach to health & life is founded in the KIS method… KEEP IT SIMPLE, so I take a very pragmatic & practical approach to utilizing lifestyle enhancing tools like mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, bodywork, exercise, and journaling. Because, I believe that a girl’s gotta walk the walk if she’s going to talk the talk…the be|BLOGCAST is a behind the scenes, step inside my head, look at my life and how I operate.

When I trust and apply what I know, I mean it. I use the tools I share here, becuase I didn’t always used to be where I am now. Truth be told, if you stick around…you’ll get to know a lot about me. I’m pretty much an open book. I got to where I am as an act of survival. If I didn’t take responsibility for my life and the way it was going, I probably wouldn’t be here now. Skip ahead? listen|HERE

main | POINTS:

Instead of giving you a recap of what I say in the audio…I’m choosing to ask you some questions to ponder, if you listen you can hear how I responded when my I became aware of something happening in my life.

  • What purpose does it serve to be lonely? Can we choose something else?

  • What are you putting out there?

  • Are your insecurities driving you?

  • Do you operate better with people in your life or without them?

  • Do you enjoy being judged? If not, what purpose does is serve you to judge yourself and others?

  • What if we were all a little more accepting of ourselves and others in the moment…? Do you think this might create deeper, more meaningful connections & relationships?

quotable | MOMENTS:

  • “Your relationships are only as good as the energy you invest in them.”

  • "You’ve gotta be brave enough to go, and hungry enough to stay” - this is me quoting another amazing woman I just met named Tonya! (she’s a total authentic badass!)

transparency | TIDBITS

The be|BLOGCAST is not a live production. I live and breathe in the present moment, so I record in the moment to help keep it as authentic and real as humanly possible. All recordings are done in the moment and then uploaded & published after the date recorded. This recording is me…living my life out loud, unfiltered & unedited, so I may not always speak in a professional, politically correct or polite manner.

PS: All you perfectionists and drive by editors, sometimes I use improper spelling & grammar. Sometimes this is on purpose and sometimes it’s not. I’m just here doin’ my thing, having fun + being|ME. Judge me if you want. Tell me about how imperfect I am, you won’t be telling me anything I don’t already know. ;-)

Peace out be|YOU-TIFUL! Much Love & Big Hugs, Sar