episode|TWO - Who do you want to be & how do you want to experience life?


Welcome Back!

While kicking up some creative dust, my mind & I stopped to ponder some deeper thoughts. Pretty much I started asking myself some questions and then it hit me, these are questions that I take for granted. I ask these things of myself often, but do others? What would it create and contribute if I was to share these questions in the moment. You see it’s all about our connections in life. The better you be, the better I be, the better we all be. Take a listen and try on these questions & share your thoughts in the comments. Skip ahead? listen|HERE

main | POINTS:

Instead of giving you a recap of what I say in the audio…I’m choosing to ask you some questions to ponder, if you listen you can hear how I responded when my I became aware of something happening in my life.

  • What do you want to get out of life?

  • How do you want to experience life?

  • Who do you want to show us as every day?

  • Are you taking life for granted?

quotable | MOMENTS:

  • “Be more of the truth”

  • “Embrace the imperfections of life”

  • “Life is messy”

  • “Respond to life with ease & grace”

  • “I’m an expert map maker, but I still stumble through the journey” - Brene Brown.

transparency | TIDBITS

The be|BLOGCAST is not a live production. I live and breathe in the present moment, so I record in the moment to help keep it as authentic and real as humanly possible. All recordings are done in the moment and then uploaded & published after the date recorded. This recording is me…living my life out loud, unfiltered & unedited, so I may not always speak in a professional, politically correct or polite manner.

PS: All you perfectionists and drive by editors, sometimes I use improper spelling & grammar. Sometimes this is on purpose and sometimes it’s not. I’m just here doin’ my thing, having fun + being|ME. Judge me if you want. Tell me about how imperfect I am, you won’t be telling me anything I don’t already know. ;-)

Peace out be|YOU-TIFUL! Much Love & Big Hugs, Sar