episode|THREE - How are other people's responses effecting you?


Weee..Here’s episode|THREE

A recent capture of how I received my brother’s response to something and almost fell down the rabbit hole of second guessing and self-sabotage. This is me demonstrating how the pragmatic and practical application of mindfulness can give you space to be aware of more than just the “story” your mind is telling you. Skip ahead? listen|HERE

main | POINTS:

Instead of giving you a recap of what I say in the audio…I’m choosing to ask you some questions to ponder, if you listen you can hear how I responded when my I became aware of something happening in my life.

  • When someone has an emotional response, how do you respond?

  • Do you find yourself second guessing your decisions after someone shares their opinions?

  • How much more resilient could you be if you were to catch yourself in the moment before your thoughts could run away with you?

quotable | MOMENTS:

  • “Don’t allow anyone else to push you out of happiness”

  • “Other people’s judgements and opinions of you have nothing to do with you”

transparency | TIDBITS

The be|BLOGCAST is not a live production. I live and breathe in the present moment, so I record in the moment to help keep it as authentic and real as humanly possible. All recordings are done in the moment and then uploaded & published after the date recorded. This recording is me…living my life out loud, unfiltered & unedited, so I may not always speak in a professional, politically correct or polite manner.

PS: All you perfectionists and drive by editors, sometimes I use improper spelling & grammar. Sometimes this is on purpose and sometimes it’s not. I’m just here doin’ my thing, having fun + being|ME. Judge me if you want. Tell me about how imperfect I am, you won’t be telling me anything I don’t already know. ;-)

Peace out be|YOU-TIFUL! Much Love & Big Hugs, Sar