Discovering Your Beliefs

This page was designed to help you tap into the essence of your self-concept, the Mindset (Thoughts & Feelings) around your beliefs.

It is important to understand our beliefs.  These beliefs let us know where we are on our journey and where we can make adjustments to enjoy more of it along the way.  It is the first step on our inward journey of love and improvement of our self-concept.

The purpose of this section is to better help you understand your beliefs about who you are right now, and who you would like to grow into.  In order for us to successfully strengthen our sense of self we have to be honest with who we believe we are in the present moment.  After we have a good understanding of our present self, we can then begin to look at who we wish to grow into.  The point of this is to understand where the growth opportunities are.  We are playing detective looking for the hidden lessons that will help us to grow in the direction we feel called in.  Bare in mind, growth is never comfortable.  Bridging the Gap between these two concepts of self, will take a lot of honesty and will required effort and action.  It's important to be determined, but also gentle with yourself during this process.  Be mindful of Negative Attack Thoughts. Take only the BEST, and for now leave the REST.  




Personal Story

I am a PERFECT example of a crap beliefs.  This picture I posted on this page is one of the FIRST photos I have ever shared showing that much skin on Social Media. I have always had crap beliefs about my body and what women are "supposed" to look like.  I have been SHAMED for being too thin, and SHAMED for being too heavy...I have been SHAMED for being a smaller than someone else, but wanting to lose weight.  Truth is.. I am tired of feeling ashamed.  WE DON'T HAVE TO! Our beliefs about who we are, our appearance, our family life, our friends... if they aren't serving's time to let them go!  It's incredibly liberating to see the belief for what it is and start changing our perception.