our mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible create healthy & happy lives. As the pace of our world continues to increase so does the number of people struggling to make their wellbeing a priority, and find themselves stuck with an hyper-reactive survival instinct. Health conditions like autoimmune diseases, suicide and mental health conditions are on the rise. We feel it’s more important than ever to step up and contribute more. No person should feel like they’re lives are held hostage by their health, their jobs or their obligations. It is possible to create a life that is filled with more ease & joy. It’s time to stop just existing, it’s time to step up and exercise your creative magic of choice, and choose something different. It’s time to adapt, and create a lifestyle that supports your desires, dreams and fills you up so much you find your own creative way to contribute.

SARAH STABLER - ceo & creator

Sarah has over 10 years of practical knowledge and experience in the health & wellness community, and has collaborated with hundreds of individuals to improve their lives Mind, Body & Being.

Sarah has dedicated herself to the betterment of humanity in the role of lifestyle mentor & coach as a direct result of her own personal journey to self-discovery, transformation & healing. She has committed herself to empowerment through education over the last 10 years. She holds certifications in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Body Psychology, The Science of Happiness, Spirituality, Metaphysics & Access Consciousness®, additionally Sarah is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in her own variety of energetic bodywork. Click here for more information regarding her areas of certifications. Want to learn more about Sarah's Personal Story? Click here "Becoming the Butterfly". 


CHRIS STABLER - business manager

Chris has 11 years of experience in a stabilizing & supporting spousal role. Chris provides the structure, flexibility, & empowered leadership that allows Sarah to do what she does best. Chris supports the creation of possibility.


PAX - C.S.O.

Pax is our dedicated Chief Snuggle Officer, with 6 years of experience serving the team with a daily dose of happy endorphins to help reduce stress, inspire joy & feel good vibes.


Buddha - V.P. of playtime

As the VP of Playtime, Buddha is in charge of general merrimaking, and is responsible for ensuring none of us take life too seriously.