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Hey Survivalist! Simply put, I’ve been in there, and I desire nothing more than to help you create the freedoms that I now enjoy!


You see, most of my life I believed I would be sick, unhealthy & utterly unhappy. Diagnosed with at least SIX invisible illnesses and prescribed more medication that a geriatric patient. Trust me, I have experienced A LOT of scary diagnoses, and come out the otherside! On my journey I learned a ton about myself, the body, psychology of humans and how everything in our lives plays a role in the level of health & happiness we experience. Read more about Sarah’s personal journey.

I’m NOT all about selling you quick fixes or “done for you” cookie cutter systems. You’re unique! My intention is to teach & empower you about you, and how you too, can create a lifestyle that supports your health & happiness. The intention is to help you experience more joy in everyday life.

Everything built into my programs I’ve researched, implemented, and tailored to fit my client’s individual uniqueness. We aren’t one size fits all. The be|LIFESTYLE is designed to provide you the flexible framework that creates some stability, while we work together craft a lifestyle that contributes to you.

Life doesn’t have to be hard….that’s just a choice we are making. If you’re ready to choose health, ease in the body, confidence and clarity in the mind & joy for the being… Book your free breakthrough call and let’s get started!


This is a 100% customized Holistic Lifestyle Mentorship Program is designed to take the deep dive and empower your journey in creating a customized holistic lifestyle plan that fits your specific and unique desires. This program takes into account every aspect of your life, how it affects your health & overall level of life satisfaction. This program is the real deal..we’re talking total holistic life makeover program.

tHE Program includes:

  • A customized mentorship plan

  • Weekly private one-on-one holistic health mentoring sessions

  • Personalized holistic nutrition evaluation.

  • Mindfulness mentoring sessions.

  • Videos, audios, workbooks, habit trackers & more.

  • Customized mindset makeover.

  • Personalized review of your goals/targets.

  • Customized Lifestyle Actualization Plan.

  • Regular one-on-one progress checks with your mentor.

  • Customized actualization plan for creating a collaborative healthcare team.

  • VIP STATUS - Unlimited access to your mentor via email or messenger.

    My business is about to make a major shift into some AMAZING territory. Due to the fact my business is growing I will no longer be able to take on private one-one clients, if you love the privacy of working one-on-one please book your call now, to see if you a fit.

TOTAL VALUE = $4,500

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