The Habit of Mindfulness

You have the power to choose what thoughts you focus on

This section is dedicated something that is near and dear to my heart.  It is the practice of mindfulness meditation.  If you just read that as started thinking "OH LORD! I don't have time for that" or "I've tried that, it doesn't work" or "I CAN'T do that"... I want you to stop for a second.  I get it.  Honestly, when I was first advised of the benefits of meditation is scoffed too.  I had a serious and debilitating anxiety and panic disorder and the thought of "turning off my brain" was completely overwhelming and when I tried it for the first time, I actually gave myself a panic attack.  BUT!!! Once someone actually taught me the basics, I learned I was making it WAY too hard (impossible actually).  I have grown to love this practice, there is something magical about it.  I swear if you give it a shot you may find it changes your whole world!  

Benefits...Benefits... It's ALL about the BENEFITS!

I love it, but for some reason even I feel challenged some days to get it in, but here is the deal though...there are too many benefits not to do it.  While reading all of these benefits I want you to realize most of these have SCIENCE to back them up. This is too important NOT to make a priority for yourself and the ones you love.


  • Improves immune system & energy levels
  • Improves breathing & heart rate
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammatory disorders
  • Reduces heart & brain issues
  • Helps balance hormones


  • Increases mental strength & focus
  • Increases memory retention & recall
  • Improves cognitive skills 
  • Improves decision making & problem solving 
  • Improves your ability to process information
  • Improves your ability to ignore distractions


  • Enhances connection to Universal Intelligence
  • Enhances our connection to each other
  •  Improves creativity
  • Enhances relationship with True-Self
  • Improves intution
  • Improves overall quality of life


  • Reduces anxiety, worry & impulsiveness
  • Reduces stress, fear, loneliness & depression
  • Improves self-esteem & self-acceptance
  •  Improves resilience
  • Increases optimism
  • Increases relaxation
  • Improves awareness
  • Improves overall mood

Daily Meditations

I have created these meditations to be simple and easy for you to do consistently.  I have given you two optional lengths to get started with and help you to get comfortable.  This week will prepare you for next week where we will begin to be more intentional with one very specific form of meditation, but I want you to get the basics down first.