Sarah Stabler | Life & Health Transformation

We all have different paths in life, and our perception of how we experience that journey is so incredibly important to the very essence of our being.  I'm so very honored and grateful to have been a travel companion on that journey for these brilliant beings.

My goal in working with Sarah was to learn what self love was, live it out, and live life wholeheartedly. I knew nothing about what any of that even looked like previous to working with her, but met all of those goals. What I can’t say enough is how wonderful it was to work with a coach who met me where I was at, was so loving, and so non-judgemental.
— Marie, New York

I was struggling with anxiety, I felt emotionally stuck, and I had no energy. Sarah helped me to relax, embrace my feelings and emotions, and she helped clear out energetic blocks. As a result, I feel less anxious, I can be in the moment and I can concentration more effortlessly.
Sarah, you have inspired me with your relaxed approach, your confidence and your story.
— Kristie, New York

I was holding a lot of tension in my body, my meditation practice was suffering and I felt as though people no longer knew how to be kind. Sarah helped to give me hope for her loving ways, kind words, and beautiful heart. She helped me to relax and reduce tension in my body and helped to clear my mind which brought me back to a place where I could meditate again. Sarah has inspired me to be kind, even when those are not kind to me. I feel empowered to continue working on my own Spiritual journey and I am more confident my business will succeed.
— Lynn, New York

When I came to Sarah is was struggling with physical pain and little to no understanding of my spiritual well-being. I now have the ability to reflect with meditation to better manage my daily stresses, I have the ability to read and understand my moods before they begin to affect me physically, and she even taught me some basic postural positions and stretching that keeps my body working in harmony.
— Kristal, New York

Sarah’s happiness is contagious, she raises the vibration of those around her simply with her presence and her example of living form a space of pure being. Working with her has been by far one of the most rewarding and impactful experience I have had along my path.
— Hank, Ohio

This program really hit home with me and challenged me to improve my life and myself. Sarah makes it easy...simple to relate to and incorporate into my everyday life.
— Annette, Pennsylvania

I really don’t know what I’d do without this Angel walking this earth! She beams with a light like no other!! I am grateful to know her! I am grateful for everything about her. She touches so many with her gift of love, compassion, inspiration, and positivity! She has helped me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. My life has changed since I met her! She makes you see things in a new light! Most importantly, she always has the time, patience and energy to help no matter what is going on in her life! So very grateful for this lady!!!!
— Cindy, New York

I immediately felt an incredible sense of happiness, my stress was wiped away and my physical tension reduced. Sarah has inspired me to change my relationship with food for improved health. Sarah has a gift to raise you up so you can grow into the best possible version of yourself.
— Michelle, New York

During that first call, she helped me begin to re-train my brain to a much more positive way of thinking.” “I feel so much stronger!
— Gretchen, New York

Sarah’s sensitive and caring fashion proves time and time again to facilitate positive growth and development and I begin to experience and witness improvement and happiness!!!
— Ginny, New York

I used to struggle with self-love, I allowed other people to determine my self-worth, and my stress was affecting my overall health. As of a result of my time with Sarah, I am self-empowered, highly aware, and I am beginning to heal.
— Lisa, New York

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