What is the Art of Lifestyle Actualization and what does it include?

Hey Survivalist! Creating a lifestyle filled with ease happens in small consistent shifts. We’re dreamers, we’re no strangers to our friend chaos….most of us have lived in constant chaos and have actualized very little of what we truly desire to create. So… let’s harness this beasty and use it in a way that contributes by giving it a flexible framework. My system for Lifestyle Actualization is just that, a flexible framework.

The vision and intention of this system is to help you to create more ease in everyday life so you feel more healthy, clear, confident and conscious…I desire for you to embody the truth of you as a hearty survivalist.

#1: Getting Crystal Freaking Clear

Clarity is key in actualizing anything. Get ready for an adventure into yourself. In order to create something different we have to have a clear understanding of where you currently are and where you desire to be.

#2: Optimizing Your Observation Skills

Being able to observe yourself and others you’ll gain awareness of your patterns, behaviors and habits. This provides us with the opportunity to choose differently for ourselves.

#3: Release & Reframe the Judgement Reality

In order to us to truly heal and welcome more ease into everyday life, we’ll have to let go and release our attachment to living a judgment based reality…as you flex your observation muscles you’ll become highly aware of how interesting things truly are.

#4: Develop your Body Awareness

You’ll learn how to create a more balanced relationship with the body. How to listen and receive the awareness is has to offer you, and how to allow the body to facilitate for you and keep you from getting stuck in the pesky anxiety mind.

#5: Stepping into your personal Potency, Power & Presence.

Simply put, we’re going to focus on what’s right about you…and how to use that to your advantage every day!