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With over 10 years of practical knowledge and professional experience in inspiring & empowering others on their journey to health & wellness, there isn’t a whole lot I haven’t seen when it comes to people, their bodies and how that relates to their way of life. It all begins with a mindset that says “I’m Possible” and an intentional effort to be|DIFFERENT.


Purpose & Intention

The be|EMPOWERED Lifestyle Movement’s purpose & intention is to give people the tools, resources & skills to BE different. The aim is not just to create self-awareness, but to teach you how to put that awareness to work for you and allow it to contribute to your life. Developing more self-awareness affords you more choice which in turn creates new opportunities and more possibilities for a more fulfilling & rewarding life. This movement isn’t about helping you to just feel better, it’s about creating a lifestyle that empowers you to BE BETTER. My dream is that this movement inspires a ripple, creating change for a few that then ripples out to everyone they know & beyond!

be|EMPOWERED Lifestyle Movement

This movement is designed to empower you to reframe & retrain your nervous system, so you can create more fulfilling relationships with the different areas of your life. Your health is not just about one thing, one area or one habit that needs to be corrected. If it were that simple you’d already have perfect health. It’s about the choices you make, and how you engage & interact with in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to create something new for yourself? Are you ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster, let go of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated and sick, and have energy to enjoy your life? Then book your free Breakthrough Call, and let’s turn the page and start a new chapter!


Mindset & Mindfulness

Creating a better relationship with yourself & your thoughts, reframing limiting, distracting or attacking thoughts.

Body Psychology

Create a more rewarding & compassionate relationship with your body while releasing trauma.

Holistic Nutrition

Increase your awareness & reframe your relationship with food.


Social Synergy

Creating engaging energetic experiences that fill you up, rather than leave you feeling sucked dry.

Engaging Environments

Create spaces that enrich your life and fuel habits & patterns you desire.


Learn how to reduce and/or remove the things in your life that are no longer contributing to you as a whole and are triggering your survival instinct & decreasing health, happiness & love for life.

Wondering if this is for you? If you’re looking to…

  • Stop second guessing yourself at every turn, fearing that you are going to make the wrong choices.

  • Feel empowered to delegate things to others without worry that it won’t be done correctly.

  • Stop reacting without thought & start responding from a calm centered place.

  • Release yourself from limiting beliefs, negative attacking thoughts, or distracting mental chatter.

  • Feel energized so that you can simply enjoy the little things in life, like dinners with family, exercise and social engagements.

  • Have time & energy to accomplish your daily tasks without feeling rushed all of the time.

  • Start enjoying all of your day rather than wishing you could take an afternoon nap.

  • Let go of distracting behaviors & time suckers.

  • Feel organized and learn how to appropriately prioritize the stuff that matters most to you.

  • Stop feeling guilty or shameful for taking care of yourself first.

  • Release yourself from feeling like your health is limiting you.

  • Let go of frustration and overwhelm that keeps you stuck spinning your wheels.

  • Sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested and recharged.

  • Create healthier eating habits.

  • Stop feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed by information.

  • Learn how to better advocate for yourself & your health.

  • Let go of worry about the future holds, and start enjoying your life.

  • Stop feeling like your lazy and/or crazy, and start feeling accomplished.

  • No longer feel emotionally drained, depleted, or burnt out.

  • Learn what’s causing that weight gain around your middle.

  • Feel a sense of ease and joy in your body & your life.

You’re in the RIGHT place! Prepare to be|INSPIRED!


Working with me isn’t going to be for everyone.

I 100% acknowledge I’m not going to be a good fit for everyone and that’s ok! Not everyone is ready for this type of personal investment & commitment. Being brave enough to look at yourself, I mean really look at yourself and start asking questions about what motivates you & drives you, can sometimes be a difficult and emotional task. Owning responsibility for your life is sometimes challenging and it’s easy to fall into judgement of yourself. These are reasons WHY hiring someone to be there with you, to guide you, support you and cheer you on is important, that being said it’s still a challenge that not everyone is up for. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means that now might not be the right time for my programs and that’s ok. I want to be of service to you and sometimes that’s giving you free resources & referrals.


Below are just some of the results that we work hard to create for you. The goal is to help you reap the rewards and have phenomenal results!

  • Knowledge of your habit patterns & behaviors.

  • Freedom from fear of judgement.

  • A positive mindset that serves you.

  • Relief from anxiety symptoms.

  • Relief from digestive discomfort & IBS symptoms.

  • A self-care routine that fits your life.

  • Relief from chronic stress.

  • Reduce migraine occurrences.

  • More time to do the things that matter to you.

  • More self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • More clarity and a great sense of awareness.

  • Habits that support your health, happiness & fulfilment.

  • More rewarding relationships with the people who you love.

  • A deeper connection with your truth self, Mind, Body & Being.

  • Relief from symptoms of autoimmune conditions.

  • A positive body image and a greater sense of comfort within the body.

  • More ease in the body.

  • Relief from gas & bloating.

  • Increased energy & stamina.

  • Relief from symptoms of depression.

  • Relief from tension headaches.

  • Less need for reliance on prescription medication (under doctor supervision).

  • An easily adaptable lifestyle that grows & evolves with you.

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